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winter-216557_1280I am looking for toasty tales (or fillers) to include in the winter edition of Halcyon. Excite the reader with stories, poems, essays, poems, haiku, or photos of winter beauty, peace, memories of childhood winters or visits with grandparents, and more. Reveal the beauty and force of winter. The reading schedule will close on December 15, 2014. Writer guidelines


I need more content for the following magazines:

Halcyon - Winter 2013 cover  Praise Writers 2 - cover   Twisted Endings 2 - cover - 150

Halcyon (Feb. 28, 2014 deadline): Seasonal inspiration revealed through poems, stories, nonfiction articles and more.

Praise Writers (May 15, 2014 deadline): Uplifting stories, poems, and devotionals.

Twisted Endings (Feb. 28, 2014 deadline): A magazine full of unexpected plot twists.

You can view the latest copies on the websites.

Important Note: These magazines are online publications. Without advertisers, I can’t afford to give contributor copies. However, options to buy printed copies and subscriptions are available.

Photography Contest

I believe a part of the magazine’s success is the photos that compliment the stories and poems. While I enjoying searching the web for captivating images, I thought I’d give someone the honour of including their photo in my magazine. Visit the website below for details.

Writers Contest

For this one, I am looking for a submission to accompany a specific photo. It can be a poem, short story, or nonfiction article. The winning entry will be based on sensory word choices and images. Visit the website to see the photo.


Contest Source:


Sorry for the lengthy hiatus. I’ve been designing the latest issue of my magazine Halcyon. Check it out here!


abstract-89496 rose-81211 water-79919 sri lanka

MagazineWikipedia: Magazines, periodicals, glossies, or serials are publications that are printed with ink on paper, and generally published on a regular schedule and containing a variety of content.

Check out Halcyon! My vision for this magazine is geared towards helping the reader feel peaceful, tranquil, and inspired. I even have a message on the back cover!

Halcyon - Winter 2012 - cover

Check it out!


Hi everyone

This winter when you’re snuggling in front of your fireplace (or heater), and you feel like exercising your literary muscles, considering writing for one–or both–of my magazines.

  • Halcyon poetry (including haikus), short stories, articles, quotes, tips, and recipes will warm your heart.
  • Twisted Endings will show surprising twists at the end of poems and stories.

Interested? Check out the submission guidelines today!

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