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Sylvia Beach Hotel - Image via Wikipedia

The following accommodations cater to book-loving minds. Experience the pleasure of reading page turners at one of these hotels or B&Bs. 

The Sylvia Beach Hotel, Newport, Oregon – Rooms are divided into three categories: classics, best sellers, and novels.

Jumel Terrace Books B&B, Harlem Heights, NYC – offers all sorts of bookish delights.

Booklover’s B&B, Princess Anne, Maryland – Relax in the Mark Twain Library; revisit, the Regency England in the Jane Austen Room; have nautical adventures in the Robert Louis Stevenson Room. And enjoy beverages and food in the Collette Cafe.

Booklover’s B&B, Dorset, England – Book lovers will be delighted with sea and land views above The Sanctuary Bbookshop.

The Library Hotel, New York, NY – This deluxe hotel arranges their floors and rooms according to the Dewey subjects such as the Literary Floor, The Classics, Science, The Arts, etc.

Le Pavillon des Lettres, Paris, France – Honors 26 authors with text excerpts printed on the walls: Andersen, Baudelaire, Calderon, Diderot, Eschyle, Flaubert, Goethe, Hugo, Ibsen, James, Kafka, La Fontaine, Musset, Nerval, Ovid, Proust, Queiroz, Rousseau, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Urfe, Voltaire, Woolf, Xenophon, Yeats, Zola.


Have you stayed in any of these establishments? What was your experience?


London taxi

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Mark Solomon

A London cab driver decided to leave a clipboard in the back of the cab and invite his passengers to write their favorite quotes. Most of them aren’t attributed, so if you like one, you may need to search online for the original source.

First post on BlackCabQuotes

Blackcabquotes was spontaneously created in September 2009; my intentions (still a slight enigma) were probably to receive words of wisdom /purpose and direction from a wide range of passengers, who were taking a journey in my London taxi. From the very beginning, the passenger’s interest, creative contribution and feedback was positive, as a result, extracts of the acquired material were soon being shared with the world on this website.


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