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I discovered a gentleman who paints the classics on butterfly wings.


See his video and photos here.



Have you received a new journal and are unsure of what to include in it? If you fancy drawing , you will not get bored visiting the following website. It is a comprehensive list of videos, tutorials, journal/song ideas, and blogs devoted to art and writing. It even suggests drawing your recipes. Source


This is a fun site where you can download 48 journal pages of prompts, arts, quotes, word associations, and more! You also have a choice of downloading color and b&w or plain and bordered pages. Here’s an example:

Even if you have a bound journal, you can always use the prompts. Source


If you need ideas for poetry, try Austin Kleon’s method: black it out! This technique if quite fun; as an editor, I’ve been slashing words for a while.

I tried it from a newspaper article about politics–a subject I would normally pass over. But, my favorite words birthed this poem:

Save the lives of strangers

Donate positive words and opportunities

Change the path of someone’s negative storm

Make a better world.

Not only can I use this for poetry, but also for snippets of dialogue for a character or a scene in my upcoming novel.


Give them a try!

Everyone has a talent or two. Some people exercise them more than others. For instance, Lorenzo Duran carves intricate scenes into leaves.

Samples of artist Lorenzo Duran leaf carvings.

Click here to see an English translation of the technique, which is explained at the bottom of the website.


Another related site displays samples such as these:

Click here to see their website that includes carvings in themes of religion, ethnic arts, portraits, childhood, and more.


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