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Sweet; so sweet. This is a touching display of a pet wanting its master’s forgiveness.

Dog seeks forgiveness

What an incredible capture of a butterflies tear-feeding on turtle tears!

Check out the source below to see a closeup of the butterfly and learn more about the phenomenon of “lachryphagy.”



I’m writing an article about two cats I had years ago,

and found this website while researching for quotes.

Sections include:

  • Laws
  • Quotes
  • Wisdom
  • Wordplay
  • Haters
  • and more.

See them all here.

I discovered a gentleman who paints the classics on butterfly wings.


See his video and photos here.

winter-216557_1280I am looking for toasty tales (or fillers) to include in the winter edition of Halcyon. Excite the reader with stories, poems, essays, poems, haiku, or photos of winter beauty, peace, memories of childhood winters or visits with grandparents, and more. Reveal the beauty and force of winter. The reading schedule will close on December 15, 2014. Writer guidelines

back-light-175643-CC0 Public Domain

book-10831-CC0 Public Domain


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